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Who We Are

Hi…I’m Nick Horman.

I’m a third-generation pickle guy. A philosophy major, I’ve always done a lot of deep thinking. As an artist I like to create things that invoke passion and other profound emotions.

When I set out to create the perfect pickle, I had to think fresh®. What are people really looking for in their pickles? I visited markets and listened to hundreds of people talking about the pickles of their youth. As I perfected my varieties, I heard pickle fans debating whether half sour or kosher dill was the “best” pickle.

Horman’s Best (whatever flavor you love) are the best because of their fine ingredients, consistency, and quality control process. Plato believed that the physical world was simply a dim reflection of the truly ideal world. I believe that even Plato would say our pickles come pretty damn close to perfection.

We at Horman’s Best also think a lot about people in our communities and world who need our help. That’s why we think fresh about social causes like kids and education, healthy eating, and mental health. Check out some of our fresh partners.

 As for my personal story… I’m a graduate of Providence College and I have an MBA from Adelphi University.

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The best pickle is a cold & crisp one & that is how they arrive at your door!

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