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When I graduated college with a degree in philosophy I did what any devoted philosopher would do-- I became a pickle man. After all, the great philosopher Renee Descartes once wrote, "I think, therefore I pickle". Or something to that effect. As strange as it may seem, philosophy and pickles go hand in hand. It all began in 2003 when, after deep contemplation concerning the essence of pickling, I left my armchair to explore the world in search of a pickle that satisfied that sense of pickled perfection. Yet time and time again my search for the "perfect pickle" led me to products that fell short. So I set a goal for myself. My mission, I had decided, was to create quality pickles that could show people what a pickle could, and should, be.
I took to visiting farmers markets with my burgeoning pickles, and I discovered I was not at all alone in my dissatisfaction with the contemporary pickle scene. Customers would reminisce to me about the pickles of their youth. "I remember when I was young," they'd say, "and my mother would take me down Essex street and we would reach right into the barrels and pick out delicious pickles." or, "My mother used to make Bread and Butters. I can't even remember the last time I tasted anything like them; you can't find good pickles anywhere in the store."
So with the help of my father (himself quite the pickle guru, packing 40 years of experience under his belt), I am bringing back the old-fashioned and wholesome pickles my customers reminisce about. It takes time, patience, the finest ingredients, and rigorous quality control to produce this quality of pickle, but the effort is well worth it. I think Socrates said it best with a succinct yet profound statement that we at Bitpickle and Horman's Best have adopted as our own philosophy: "The un-examined pickle is not worth eating."

                                                                                                                -Nick Horman, Founder

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